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Buy and collect your favorites Waifus!

What is CryptoWaifus

CryptoWaifus is a collection centered around anime girls, NFTs, and cute faces we call CryptoWaifus! Each Waifu is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

Start your digital Waifu collection

In CryptoWaifus you can buy and collect Waifus of all styles and traits. Create Collections of your favourite waifus and share them with our awesome Avalanche community.

How rare is my CryptoWaifu ?

CryptoWaifus are made with differents traits, such as, hair, eyes, clothes, background, and some bonuses! The rarity of your CryptoWaifu is determined by the rarity of her traits.

OG Waifus are the first 10 NFTs to be mint and have a special design with a rainbow background. Holographic Waifus are very rare, only 14 of them exists! Some Waifus have a complete set of clothes, hair, and accessories, making them very rare too!

All Waifus will have the same price of 2 AVAX on NFTrade, so be fast if you want to catch a rare one before the others! Only the last 20 Waifus will be kept for giveaways and events.

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Meet our team

We are a small team of 6. Trying to achieve what we thought was impossible for us. But we are very proud of the progress we made and we hope to bring this project even further. With the help of our growing community! 💜


Creator | Community Manager


Graphic Design | Illustrator


Developer (Student)

Our partners

All the lovely people helping us in our project. 💖